Brian Beck is an experienced animator currently located in the Northern Virginia area. He has been involved in several startups that tapped into the Mobile Gaming market. The main focus for Brian while at these startups was game animation using software such as Autodesk Maya. He was also willing to go beyond animation to reach tight deadlines which helped deliver projects on schedule. This included skills such as Character Rigging, 3D Modeling and Visual Effects.

Brian discovered his passion for animation while studying at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. He graduated from Full Sail with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation in 2012 and continues to grow his knowledge through Animation Mentor and other online training courses.  

 "I'm a team player that believes knowledge, passion and collaborating unique ideas are key to a successful project!"


Brian is thoughtful, detail oriented and incredibly easy to work with and manage. He has a great capacity and an entrepreneurial spirit to learn new things beyond his title. Beyond Brian's talent as an animator he is a solid communicator that keeps a cool head and an amazing, upbeat attitude in everything he does.

Aharon Cagle - Loreful, CEO




Game Animation Reel 2020. All animations, editing, effects and rendering were done by me using DaVinci Resolve 16, Maya 2018, Unreal Engine and Unity Engine.